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Pilates pose

Part 1 – Pilates 101: Weight-Free Toning and Strengthening

Pilates is a popular workout for body toning without weights or fancy gym equipment. It is something you can do anywhere and is very effective when you are consistent. It was originally invented by Joe Pilates, who wanted to help people align the spine, strengthen the core, and be aware of their muscles. One of my best friends and I …

CrossFit WOD

Part 2: The Best and Most Intense CrossFit WODs

Yesterday, we looked at the basics of CrossFit. Today was look at one of the key components for fitness routine or the WOD. CrossFit’s workout of the day, or also referred as WOD, is one of the main reasons fitness buffs love this fitness program. Basically, WOD is a daily workout designed randomly by the people at Normally performed …


PART 1: Examining Exercise Options: CrossFit

Last week, in our search for different workout routines, we looked at the bodyweight regimen. This week, we’re going to look at another, more intense fitness regimen: CrossFit. CrossFit and Heart Health General fitness and heart health are closely linked. Just like your other muscles, the heart is a very important muscle that also needs regular exercise to stay healthy. …

Active Kids

How to Get Your Kids Active Today

Happy Monday – or as happy as a Monday can be! Mondays are grab bag days so posts on Mondays will be grab bags as well. Today we are looking at a topic that many of us are facing – couch-bound children entranced by electronic devices… Electronics. While these devices have transformed our lives in ways that weren’t even imaginable …

Bodyweight Pair

Deciding on a Fitness Program: Bodyweight

If you want to start a new exercise regimen or make some changes to the one you are currently doing (or not doing), it’s good to explore other options. Perhaps there’s something else out there that might inspire you or spice up your routine enough that you are more consistently doing it. There are a number of different fitness programs, …