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Micro Habits Motivate from the Inside, Out

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There are many reasons people try to change. The truth is, if you’re trying to change for someone else, it may not work. There’s actually evidence to back that up. One theory includes four reasons why people try to change. Three of the four won’t lead to lasting change, but one indicates change is likely. The four motivations for change are:

  1. Motivated by authority
  2. Motivated by others
  3. Motivated by intellect
  4. Motivated from within

Change compelled by authority

This change is motivated by outside authority. It’s what makes us drive the speed limit when we see a highway patrol officer. The fear of consequences motivates our change, but without it, we go back to our old behavior.

Change to please others

The type of change is motivated by outside influences like friends, family, co-workers, etc… This type of change is generated by the need to please or avoid letting others down. Like change compelled by authority, this type of change is based on avoiding problems rather than a true desire to change.

Change due to reasoning

When we know something is bad, like smoking or drinking, we know we should change, but often times don’t want to. Knowing intellectually that change is what we ought to do isn’t always enough. In some cases knowledge is power, but only if you take action.

Change coming from within

When we desire to change, from the inside out, the likelihood of permanent change is much higher. When our heart and our head is aligned it’s easier to shift habits and improve our life.

When Change Comes from Within, it Tends to Last

If your decision to start a new habit is coming from within, get ready for some amazing shifts. Change from within tends to last. Creating micro habits surrounding your goals can help motivate you from the inside out. Here’s why-

You’ll be operating from the right perspective

When you have the right mindset, choosing a micro habit that supports your goals is empowering. Choosing a new habit will feel like an act of self-love rather than a chore or something imposed on you.

You’ll see the benefits faster

When you truly want to do something better or different, you’ll look for the proof of your efforts. Creating micro habits that support your goals will provide evidence that you are on your way towards what you want and you are capable of more than you may have realized.

You’ll avoid self-sabotage

When you are intrinsically motivated, you are less likely to give up or fail because you are on board with your decisions with your head and your heart. This can help keep you motivated, even when things get tough.

Small habits can help keep you motivated in the proper way. Instead of creating habits to please others, you can create them to please yourself and reach your goals. Tiny things done over and over will boost your esteem and give you the proper motivation for change.

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