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sleep routine

Routine Is Key – Develop a Bedtime Routine That Works for You

Sleep training is a set of behaviors and activities that promote consistent and routine sleep. Developing a bedtime routine that works for you is a key to a great night’s sleep. Looking at your lifestyle and personal interests helps you hone in on what the best routine looks like. Though your routine will be highly individualized, there are some common …

sleep training

Sleep Training Isn’t Just for Infants

When most people think about sleep training they think about too-tired adults managing infants, trying to get them to sleep through the night. Surely, adults wouldn’t need help falling and staying asleep, right? Sadly, many adults suffer from inadequate sleep. Why Does Sleep Matter? Lack of sleep contributes to poor physical and mental health and can lead to accidents and …


Could You Be a Toxic Person?

It’s not that hard to recognize toxic behaviors in other people. It’s obvious when someone rubs you the wrong way with their negativity or disruptive behavior. If you tend to leave situations feeling drained and overwhelmed, it’s likely you’ve been with a toxic person. Though it’s not too hard to see someone else’s toxicity, how well do you identify toxic …

toxic traits

3 Toxic Traits that Toxic People Share

Toxic people have a lot in common. Their behaviors are off-putting, and they regularly tend to be at odds with people. You’ve heard the term suck the life from the room — that’s a perfect description of what toxic people do because their presence can change the atmosphere. While toxic people don’t share every negative trait — someone could be …