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5 Must-have Items for Your Spiritual Practice

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You may be thinking, “Why would I need material things to be spiritual?” The short answer is you don’t. But at the same time, some items may help your mind focus and your body feel more comfortable while you’re engaged in your meditation or spiritual practice. In this post, I share with you my 5 must-have items to start you on your spiritual practice.

We are all made of energy, and that includes the things in your environment. To nurture your spiritual side, make sure the objects around you make you feel good. Have a look at my top picks of spirituality essentials to help you get started and to inspire you!

Innovahome Handmade 4.2″ Tibetan Singing Bowl Set

singing bowl spirituality

A singing bowl doesn’t have to be large and expensive. You can easily find a place for this little one in your meditation space. The tones created by this brass bowl when you tap with the wooden striker will fill your space with harmonious, beautiful, and peaceful sounds. This allows you to focus your awareness on the present moment.

Mindful Modern Large Crescent Meditation Cushion Pillow

meditation pillow

A comfortable and supportive pillow to meditate on will go a long way in helping you establish your meditation ritual. When you have the right posture and support for your hips and spine, it’s easier to create mental peace and quiet.

This pillow is just right for relieving stress on your knees, ankles, and legs. The buckwheat filling is the most highly-recommended filling for meditation pillows. If it’s too firm, you can remove some to get just the right level of softness. This one is available in black, grey, or white, so you’re sure to find just the right color for your taste. The removable cover with a handle means it’s easy to keep clean, and you can take it with you.

Crystal Books and Guides

crystals spirituality

If you’re just starting your spiritual journey, you may find yourself attracted to stones and crystals. But there are so many types of stones and crystals out there that it can be overwhelming! You will definitely want to start out with a useful guidebook.

The Crystal Bible is an excellent choice to give yourself all the knowledge you need. This is a classic guide to the world of crystals and minerals, and it’s beautifully photographed. Whether it’s a tried-and-true quartz crystal you need information on or an unusual stone you’ve never heard of, you’ll probably find it in this book. The author includes the physical, spiritual, and emotional properties of each crystal described.

Meditation Candle

meditation cancle

Candles help your subconscious mind associate whatever you’re about to do with ritual; that is, doing something regularly. The simple act of lighting a candle before meditation trains your subconscious to understand that what you’re about to do is important.

This soy wax candle from Art of the Root is created for energetic cleansing and meditation. It’s infused with essential oils and herbs such as lavender, Palo Santo, and sweetgrass that are specially meant for purification and clarity. It comes in an 8-ounce jar with a lid to protect it from dust when you’re not burning it. This candle will be the perfect addition to your meditation space.

Smudging Kit


Smudging has been around for thousands of years, and it has recently become popular with more people. It’s worth mentioning that among indigenous people, the plants and woods used are considered sacred. So, if you decide to use them for yourself, remember this, and your experience will be much richer. It’s believed that the smoke from white sage purifies and cleanses both your surroundings and you. But you can use more than just sage for smudging your space.

This gorgeous smudge kit from Mama Wunderbar includes a floral sage bundle, a white sage bundle, and engraved Palo Santo sticks. There is a beautiful abalone shell to hold your smudging bundle. And there’s even a feather for wafting the smoke around your space. Mama Wunderbar also sources their white sage and Palo Santo in a sustainable way. This is very important because these plants are being over-harvested now that they are so in-demand.

Get In Touch With Your Spiritual Side


You’re sure to find at least one favorite go-to from the items I shared here. With these essentials to support your spiritual practice, your space will be calmer and so much more inviting for you. As a result, it may make you want to continue connecting to your spiritual side.

Share with me in the comments which of these items you’re going to add!

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