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Man hiking

Spring Week: Day 5 — Hiking: Could You Add This to Your Fitness Routine?

It’s Finally Spring Week Day 5: Hiking   It’s the end of It’s Finally Spring Week. Have you been enjoying your freebies this week! Yesterday’s post was a little different than my typically Friday posts – it looked at several ways to get in a workout but not a specific fitness discipline. However, today’s post goes back to form: a …

athlete on a bicycle

Bike Riding Isn’t Just for Kids

It’s almost the weekend! Friday! So, my Friday Fitness (I’ve named it!) series so far has covered exercise disciplines that involve more stretching and are typically performed inside. There are more of those coming but I’m going to switch gears today. Today, we’ll discuss cycling. There is a reason for the shift—actually, a rather personal one. This weekend, my husband …