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reinvention 2020 old baggage

Project 2020 Reinvention: Eliminating Old Baggage

Last week, we discussed getting ready for 2020 — Project 2020 Reinvention — and letting go of bad habits. This week, we will look at your old baggage. Pro Tip: Your old baggage shouldn’t come with you into 2020… Airplane vs. Human Baggage: An Analogy When traveling on a major airline, you are typically allowed only one piece of baggage …

do it afraid fierce and fearless

Do It Afraid: Stop Letting Fear Hold You Back

When you’re focused on becoming fierce, it won’t be long until you bump up against some fears. Maybe you worry about what other people will think. Perhaps you doubt you can accomplish your goals. Maybe you’re trying something no one else has done before. Whatever your reasons, fear is a natural part of the process. It’s your inner voice trying …

reclaim your fierceness

Examples of Fierce Women and How to Reclaim Your Fierceness

Three Fierce and Fearless Women There’s no shortage of fierce and fearless women in the world today. But sometimes, it can feel like you’re alone in your desire to be a strong woman. Here are three real-life role models to inspire you on your journey to reclaim your fierceness and remind you that you’re not alone… Whitney Way Thore Whitney …