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freezer meals

10 Easy Make-Ahead Freezer Meals for the Holidays

[disclosure] How do you save time and your sanity during the holidays? Nope, takeout isn’t the answer. Although it’s tempting, especially on hectic days, they can be loaded with unhealthy ingredients. Instead, try these easy make-ahead freezer meals for the holidays. These delicious clean eating recipes are perfect for meal prep and planning, so they’ll save you time and money. …

holiday meal prep

The Best Meal Prep Tips for Less Holiday Stress

With the holiday season approaching, life can get pretty darn hectic. From decorating your house to carving pumpkins and creating holiday shopping lists, it could feel like you’re always running out of time. If you’re not an avid cook and don’t enjoy spending hours in the kitchen, skipping out on meals and ordering takeout might become your new norm during …

fall self-care bucket list

A Fall Self-Care Bucket List to Feel Good This Season

Autumn is a natural time for gratitude and reflection. It’s also the perfect time to remember to be kind. Kind to others and kind to yourself, too! For you, that might mean picking up a grande pumpkin spice latte at your local Starbucks as a special treat, which in moderation is fine. But, it’s probably not wise to do this …