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A Fall Self-Care Bucket List to Feel Good This Season

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Autumn is a natural time for gratitude and reflection. It’s also the perfect time to remember to be kind. Kind to others and kind to yourself, too! For you, that might mean picking up a grande pumpkin spice latte at your local Starbucks as a special treat, which in moderation is fine. But, it’s probably not wise to do this all the time. Instead, try some seasonal self-care practices. This Fall self-care bucket list can be just the thing you need to help you feel calmer, healthier, and happier this season.

Self-care is important to help you maintain a healthy relationship with yourself. It’s a nice reminder that you and your needs matter, too. And it’s something you need year-round, even in the Fall. Go ahead and take a look at ideas to keep your mind, body, and soul happy in the coming months.

Self-Care Activity 1: Take a nature walk

Fall temperatures are perfect for outdoor activities! And surrounding yourself with nature is good for your spirit and wellbeing. Whether you choose rolling hills, find a steep rocky climb or something in between, a nature walk amongst the season’s stunning Fall colors will delight you.

Or try a bike ride! Rides on sunny autumn days can be relaxing and fun. Go on a planned route, or simply bike around the neighborhood. Then let yourself marvel at the beautiful Fall colors around you.

Self-Care Activity 2: Savor a warm drink

Do you know why so many treasure a cup of pumpkin spice latte every Fall? One reason may be how amazingly comforting it can be to enjoy your favorite hot beverage. Holding a warm drink in your favorite mug on a chilly morning is soothing. But as I mentioned, you can’t live on the store-bought version all the time.

There are plenty of other options that can give you all the good feels you get from sipping on a warm drink. A cup of tea with a touch of honey, chai made from almond milk, or a mug of bulletproof coffee with grass-fed butter might do the trick. Or try this simple yet beneficial drink: hot lemon water. Starting your day with a cup can kickstart your metabolism, boost your immune system, and balance your pH levels.

No matter what you choose, maximize this self-care activity by taking your time and truly savoring your drink.

Self-Care Activity 3: Find a yummy fall recipe 

One way to practice self-care is to put on your chef hat and try a fun new recipe. And what better way to do that than with a tasty recipe using the season’s best fruits and vegetables.

This time of year, farmers markets and your local grocery abound with fresh apples, pears, pumpkins, squash, and so much more! Go ahead and try a new recipe that incorporates your favorite seasonal pick or try one you’ve never had before.

Make a big batch and store some in the freezer for a quick meal on those crazy busy days, or enjoy your home-cooked dish for lunch and dinner over a couple of days. Consider sharing some with a friend or neighbor for a rewarding act of kindness.

Self-Care Activity 4: Cuddle up with a cozy blanket and watch a good movie

Watching a feel-good movie could be just what your body and mind need this Fall. Sometimes, the world can feel like it’s a little too much at the moment. Or every so often, the stresses of daily life become overbearing. A good hour or so under a cozy blanket watching an uplifting movie can help soothe your soul.

Need some ideas to lift your mood? Here are a few for some good self-care.

Pick one or two, grab a buddy or family member to cuddle with, and enjoy!

Self-Care Activity 5: Curl up with a good book

More of a book lover than a movie fan? Curling up with a good book can be just as good, maybe even better for your soul! And with the air getting colder out — autumn is the best season to snuggle up with a good book.

Here are a few feel-good favorites.

So, put on those soft fuzzy pants and warm knit socks, get comfy in your favorite chair, and grab that book you’ve been meaning to read. Forget all the worries and stress of the day and let yourself get lost in a good story.

Self-Care Activity 6: Relax with a calming essential oil

You’ve probably heard the recommendation to light an aromatic candle to relax. But some scented candles can actually be harmful to you. Candles contain lead, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and paraffin wax with particulate matter. Yuck!

Instead, this Fall, relax with a calming essential oil, such as chamomile. Chamomile has long been associated with relaxation and has a mild, calming scent. Lavender is another oil well-known for its relaxing properties and can help with sleep and anxiety. Another good option is copaiba essential oil. Its balmy scent can leave you feeling relaxed and more zen-like.

You can use an essential oil diffuser to scent the air around you or an oil roller to dab it onto your skin. As you consider your options, make sure you get quality oil.

Self-Care Activity 7: Treat your skin to a moisturizing face mask 

Here’s one that helps your physical wellbeing. The cooler fall air can dry out your skin, making it feel dry and scaly. Your lips can start to flake and peel. Neither of these is any fun. If this happens to you every year, treat your skin to a moisturizing face mask. It will not only make you feel pampered, but your skin will feel great afterward.

Look for natural face masks made without harsh chemicals, or DIY it and make your own soothing blend. Your skin will thank you for it.

Self-Care Activity 8: Write down what you want to get rid of

A total declutter can be overwhelming and add to your stress. Which defeats the purpose of this Fall self-care bucket list. So, rather than doing a full-on Marie Kondo week-long purging campaign, start with a more realistic, less stressful approach.

Grab a piece of paper and write down what you want to get rid of. Keep that list handy, and over the next few days, jot down things as they come to mind. Maybe it’s the clothes you didn’t end up wearing this summer. Or the winter clothes you no longer fit. Then, commit to setting aside 15 – 30 minutes each weekend to tackle the list. By the end of the season, you’ll be amazed at how much you accomplished.

You can either choose the ones that are easiest to do for quick, feel-good wins. Or work on a larger one and spread the task over a few weekends. Either way, you’ll enjoy the sense of peace your newfound space can give you.

Self-Care Activity 9: Make a gratitude page in your journal

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Setting aside a page or two in your journal — or buying a gratitude journal — to acknowledge the things you’re grateful for can help bring a smile and a sense of warmth to your soul. If you don’t have a journal, simply grab a notebook or a notepad and jot down your thoughts. Ask yourself, “What makes me feel grateful?” When you’re done, read it back to yourself and reflect on all the good things you have.

Make a daily habit of starting your day by thinking about one or two things you’re grateful for or end your day the same way. You’ll find yourself with a more positive and thankful attitude.

Self-Care Activity 10: Rest and allow yourself a break

My final recommendation for you is one we often don’t do enough. I hope it will become one of your favorites and something you remember to do any time of the year, no matter the season. Ready for it? Rest and allow yourself to take a break. You may think this is too much of a challenge for you. Or feel guilty just thinking of doing something like this for yourself. If so, ease into this self-care activity.

Start by slowing down and savoring the day. Leave yourself a post-it on your bathroom mirror as a gentle reminder. Then as you get into the habit of doing this mindfulness habit, go ahead and set a regular time to take a break each day to rest and relax.

Create Your Own Fall Self-Care Bucket List

fall self-care bucket list

There are plenty of different ways to practice self-care. I hope my bucket list of self-care activities to feel good this Fall has inspired you and made you excited to try out new, seasonal ways to make your heart happy.

Let me know which ones you decide to add to your own Fall self-care bucket list. Drop them in the comments below or send me a message. I can’t wait to hear it!

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