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Weight Loss Milestones: Celebrate Your Successes

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If you have more than just a few pounds to lose, it’s not going to happen overnight — even though that what we might want!

It took a while to put on the extra weight, so it shouldn’t come as a huge surprise that it takes time to take it back off.

Discouraging, right? You need motivation!

One way to stay motivated is to set different little mini-goals or weight loss milestones. Don’t forget that each time you reach a milestone you should celebrate your success and how far you’ve come on your weight loss journey.

Milestone Setting Varies for Each Person

Where you set your weight loss milestones is entirely up to you. It partially depends on how much you have to lose. If you’re motivated by rewards, you may want to set a bunch of little milestones along the way. It’s easier to make and meet smaller goals – like 1-3 lbs. The more realistic the goal the easier they are to reach, too.

Each pound lost is a success. Celebrating after every 5 pounds might be a good starting point. It’s a big enough goal that you have to really try to get there, but it won’t take you an unreasonable amount of time. You don’t want to have too much time between milestones so you don’t lose steam along the way.

Food as a Reward: Nope!

Try not to use food as a reward. You don’t want to reinforce bad eating habits by using food.

Instead, think of other fun things. Get a new book, buy a new outfit, get a massage, or buy some new makeup. Mani/pedi anyone? Even simple things like taking some time to just curl up on the couch with a cup of tea watching a movie can be a nice reward. Pick something that you want and that makes you work for those next weight loss milestones.

Write It Down!

Another fun option is to make a poster similar to the ones used at fundraisers. Mark down each pound you lose and have it hanging up in your bedroom or bathroom. It will be a nice visual reminder of how well you’re doing and how much weight you’ve lost already.

You can also use a journal to document your milestones. A daily journal or a weight loss tracker can give you the space to document, decorate, and memorialize your thoughts about your achievement.

Recording milestones and celebrating each one is a powerful motivator. Don’t be shy about sharing your success with others. Having your loved ones celebrate with you and cheer you on can be very helpful. Making your weight loss journey “public knowledge” also helps to hold you accountable. You’ll be even more motivated to keep going and stick with the program if you have to admit to your family and friends that you’re going to give up.

Keep going, stay motivated, set some milestones, and celebrate your success.

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  • Kristy Bullard

    It’s so important to not reward our weight loss with food. We can celebrate with a massage, manicure, new shoes, etc. I do this so I don’t reward myself with cake.

  • Roamy

    I never really had problems with my weight but now i realize that as I get older and also because of sitting at the desk all day, my weight is starting to go up.
    Reading this post has made me realize I have to be honest to myself about my weight and work on things.
    Well written in an easy to understand way.Thanks so much for sharing.

  • kumamonjeng

    Losing extra pound is never easy and it needs a lot of hard work and determination. Write it down is a good point and I totally agree with daily journal.

  • Danielle Wolter

    it’s a great idea to journal progress. i know sometimes it’s hard to see our own progress, but if we look at it in small increments we can see where we’re making progress.

  • Krysten

    I’m a big fan for celebrating any kind of milestones, so you know I am all here for this. Having something to celebrate is always a great motivator.

  • Tasheeni

    Noting down your progress is so important. I know it can be hard sometimes, but it’s important for us to look at the minor improvements we’re making.

  • Peachy

    It’s really hard to look at progress when it comes to weight loss. I’m starting my journey again now and I’m finding it difficult. Will try setting up small milestone moments.

  • Kaitlyn Fortier

    I am such an anti ‘weight’ measured – as a physical education teacher and workout junkie your body composition is key! I’d suggest setting milestones for inches as opposed to weight (: It can just be so misleading! Your body composition can be changing causing you to weight more in the long run…

    • Dominique

      That’s a good point! I think I am losing inches but I haven’t lost much weight. I tend to watch both. Again that’s a great point! Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!

  • Serena R Hale

    There in lies some of my issue and that is by rewarding some weight loss with food. Totally wrong and I agree with jotting down the progress it makes it easier to keep going.

  • Rosey

    It’s important to take it slow. People expect instant gratification and then are disappointed when they don’t get it and give up…then it’s even harder to reach their goals.

  • Sundeep

    I always celebrate whenever I loose some pounds. I always set some goals to achieve weight loss and I work hard to achieve that goal. Thanks for the post

  • Monidipa Dutta

    It is very hard for me to lose weight but I like this post, however, food has nothing to do with it. When I was a foodie I couldn’t lose weight and now when I eat the minimum it is the same.

  • Waren Jean Go

    This is very inspiring. I guess I have to celebrate all the simple milestones of success that I achieve from now on too!

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