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5 Ideas for Motivation When You Need Inspiration

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Motivation is my biggest challenge right now. Goal number one is to start exercising every day; since we have an elliptical machine (which I hate!), I tried to use it every morning. Not very successfully, I might add! So walking it will be!

However, I don’t have a lot of stamina right now, so it’s so much easier to lay in bed than get up and get moving. I’m sure you have the same issue sometimes.

This lack of motivation, or just simply not wanting to do something could be due to overall physical or mental health. Or it could just simply involve doing something that perhaps the mind and body would just rather not do. To accomplish anything, motivation is key.

Ways to Find Motivation

  • Trying something new can make all the difference in how motivated you are later in the day. It may take more than one try to find what you like so don’t give up if the first one doesn’t work out.
  • Going outside to take a walk in the morning, even if only for a few minutes, thanks to fresh air, being able to see or interact with others, and simply take in the scenery can help motivate you to do other tasks.
  • Try making a “to-do list” of your daily goals or obligations; you also can use a notebook or planner. Even better, consider investing in a budget-friendly white-board to put up on your home office or bedroom that you can use to map out what you’re looking to accomplish.
  • Get more sleep – and this can’t be emphasized enough! Getting the recommended 7-10 hours of sleep each night can make a dramatic difference in how motivated you feel the next day – or how much energy you have. Also, how comfortable is your mattress? Is it time to buy a new one? As an extra tip, consider shutting off all electronic devices and lights at least 45 minutes before you intend to fall asleep.
  • Playing energizing music, listening to motivational videos, or even tips by personal trainers and life experts can also be very useful in gathering the necessary energy and motivation to be successful with today’s and tomorrow’s tasks.

One of these methods should get you up and going even when you would rather watch TV! And number 4? I really have to turn my computer off before I get in the bed? Hmmmm…

Here are some other ways to consider…

Easy Ways to Stay Motivated (added 1/2019)

Remember What You Have

While finding ways to motivate yourself, don’t lose sight of what you do have in life, or even write down the positives if you want! This too should help motivate you and remind you of the good things you have– as well as what it took to get there.

I’ll keep this statement in mind while I’m on the elliptical or walking! Perhaps, I can motivate my 13-year-old to do her time on the elliptical too!

Do you use any of these methods to get motivated? Leave a message in the comments about what you do to get motivated.

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  • Dipak jadhav

    Totally impressed by reading the article. Really needs such good thoughts in life when you are fail or demotivate in life. All things given really motivates me to do my job very well.
    Thanks a lot for sharing such amazing quality article for us.

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