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Friday Follies: The Children Are Out of School Today?

It’s Friday.

The kids are out of school which surprised me. They missed so much school at the beginning of the year because of Hurricane Harvey. The school district already took away the President’s Day holiday, so I thought all holidays were at risk. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize they were going to be at home until Wednesday…so I hadn’t really thought about what we were going to do all day.


We do have choices…

1. Organize the Kitchen

Maybe we’ll work on the kitchen – I had started on the kitchen before surgery. I did major work on the pantry and cabinets. Almost everything is in a glass jar, plastic container, or wire basket.


Kitchen Pantry

It’s been a challenge making sure the rest of the family maintains my work. Example – there are graham crackers in a plastic bag instead of a container.  Ugh – but otherwise, they are doing a pretty good job with the pantry!

I organized the plate and glass cabinets before the transplant too. I also spent one month cleaning out my office which had become a catch-all for mail, magazines, and books. Since then, I haven’t done much in any room. I had purchased racks for pot lids and pans and containers for the variety of plastic containers crammed into the cabinets. All the storage gear is cluttering up the countertops and driving my husband crazy.

I did buy a stand-alone kitchen pantry to store my kitchen appliances.  Progress, right?

This experience is the perfect example of not making a manageable plan. Trying to declutter the entire kitchen quickly became overwhelming. So, I should have started by sorting out just one area at a time.

Next up, pots and pans. I am trying to take the advice above.

2. Bake Treats

My son has shown an interest in baking; he has made muffins, cookies, and a cake or two. Mostly from packages, but he has ventured out to make some things from scratch. Of course, these are all things that he wants to eat so there’s that. I think he might have some talent in the kitchen as he has a discerning palate (a polite way to say picky eater) and a sensitive nose. We’ll see. My daughter is learning to cook at school, but she’s supposed to be watching her diet; a bunch of muffins may cause some problems. Maybe no baking…

3. Vanish from Sight

While I may want to hang out with y teenagers, in reality, both kids would rather hide out in their rooms and sleep or listen to music. So, I’ll be working alone until they get hungry, come downstairs, and whine about lunch.

It’s OK – I’ll turn on Netflix and watch a British murder mystery while I work. I’ll relax the rest of the weekend.


Have a beautiful weekend everyone and Happy Easter and Passover (for those who celebrate either)!

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