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Food Allergy vs. Food Sensitivity: What’s the Difference?

  Good morning –Happy  Monday! I hope everyone had a good weekend! Today we are going to look at food allergies and sensitivities. This is another subject I’m very familiar with. Nowadays, having a food allergy is not an uncommon thing. However, when I was a kid, it wasn’t as common – see, I was allergic to fish. My mother …

Spring Week: Day 1–Spring Decluttering

It’s Finally Spring Week! Day 1: Spring Decluttering Good morning, everyone! I hope your weekends were restful and exciting – depending on what you were looking for! Last week, I thought that spring was rearing her head — Punxsutawney Phil did a number on us this year right—now, I’m pretty sure. In most of the country. Hooray! It’s about time! …