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Setting Your Daily Routine

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Who doesn’t love a bit of spontaneity on occasion? It helps to mix things up and keeps life interesting. However, too much spontaneity can lead to an unstructured life. Some people may love that, but most find would find that difficult to maintain.

Routine Plan: Sleep

For starters, enough sleep is important to function properly. If you don’t have a routine, it’s not likely you will get the right amount of sleep every night. Your body needs to have its internal clock set to the same sleep habits. If you refuse to develop those habits, you will find it difficult to go to sleep at night, and you will find that you wake up frequently during the night.

To help you get to sleep faster, make sure you go to bed at the same time every night and get up at the same time in the morning. Try to avoid drinking too much alcohol as this will disrupt your sleep. You may fall asleep easier, but you will not go into a deep sleep. That deep sleep interrupts your internal rhythm, and you may not be able to fall back to sleep.

Try to limit the use of electronic devices before you go to bed. There are studies suggesting devices such as laptops and tablets stimulate your visual senses, making it difficult to sleep.

Routine Plan: Diet

You should have a routine for your diet, too. If you don’t set up the right diet and eat regularly each day, you may have digestion issues. Too much spontaneity in your snacking can wreak havoc on both your diet and weight. You may also struggle with weight issues because your body could have difficulties regulating itself based on your erratic schedule.

Routine Plan: Exercise

An article about routines would be incomplete if it didn’t cover getting exercise. Exercise is also the one element where many people have a problem being consistent. However, a routine here has been shown to help people deal with stress, and it can help them sleep easier. You don’t have to incorporate intense exercise. If you walk consistently every day or every other day, that will do wonders for your exercise requirements.

You should find the routines that work for you, and work hard to stick with them. Routines are habits, and it takes some effort to develop habits to the point where you don’t even think about them. There is room for some spontaneous activity which everyone needs once-in-a-while. Don’t try to make major changes all at once. Small changes are best as it’s easier to succeed with them.

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