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Why Routine Is Good for You

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Many people refer to routine as being dull or boring. It implies that life is the same from one day to the next.

However, routines are a great way to get your work done. It’s also a great means for teams to work together towards a common goal. When everyone has an understanding of what needs to get done, i.e., what routines each team member needs to perform, projects tend to run smoother.

Society Runs on Routine

We also have routines in our society. In some ways, laws can be considered routines. You know that you aren’t supposed to run a red light and that can be thought of as a routine. When you come to a red light, you stop as best as you can. There may be instances when you accidentally go through one here or there. But, most people will stop for red lights. And this works well to reduce accidents.

Kids Need Routine too

You set up routines for your kids in the form of chores — to their chagrin. You know that certain tasks need to get done each week. Many parents tie kids’ allowances to these chores. When the kids finish their chores, they receive their allowances with the goal of teaching the kids a work ethic. They need to perform tasks, and when they complete those tasks, they receive money for them.

Regularity Gets Your Bills Paid On Time

When you pay bills, you tend to have a routine for this. Some people like to get everything sorted on one day and pay all the bills on that day. Others will pay them as they receive them. Others, still, will set up their payments to be paid automatically by their bank or brokerage. There isn’t a right answer for how to do this. Whatever works for you is the right answer. However, the method you choose will be routine.

No Routine Can Lead to Chaos

Contrast this to people who don’t have routines to manage their lives. They tend to handle tasks when the mood strikes them. These people are usually late with their bills and have messy environments. Some of these people will say that this way of life works for them. However, for most people, this way of life is chaos. It’s something that can easily be avoided by setting up routines for the tasks you need to complete.

Of course, people are not robots. Hence, they change up their routines on occasion. You may use weekends to do activities that you don’t get to do during the work week. Also, many families use vacations to help break up their routines.

What Is Your Optimal Routine Zone?

People have certain times of the day that they work best. They get more done and are more focused. For some, they do better in the mornings. For others, afternoons are their most productive. While others still are night owls and can produce the most during these hours. The times when a person is the most productive can be considered a person’s optimal routine zone.

What Is This Zone?

What is your optimal routine zone?

Are you a morning person or cringe at the thought of getting up early? Do you have vampire blood in you where you do your best work at night?

Whatever you find to be your optimal routine zone, set your tasks to work during these times. Do as much of your work as possible during this optimal zone. Structure your day so that you can accomplish your most challenging tasks at this optimal time.

Manage Your Less Optimal Times as Well

Working during this optimal time doesn’t mean you should do nothing when you are outside of those zones. Your boss will likely not take too kindly if you slack off. Instead, you should use this time for activities that are not as taxing, such as making phone calls or other non-stressfulactivities.

Sometimes, you will have no choice but to do more of the heavy lifting during your “off times.” If this happens, you’ll have to make the best of it. Another problem is that you may be working in a job that does not coincide with your optimal zones. That’s a tough situation, and you may have to think about trying to adjust or to move on to opportunities where you can work during your optimal times.

Let the Zones Work in Your Favor

If your job involves being creative, this concept of optimal zones is going to work in your favor. For instance, if you are a writer, try to do most of your writing during these times. You can use the other times to answer emails, post on social media, or check out forums related to your writing. If you are writing for a blog, try writing several posts in your zone and schedule them as if you have written one per day, etc.

Increasing your productivity is knowing your advantages. When you discover what your optimal work zones are, and use them effectively, it follows that you will increase your productivity. Your manager will notice this, and it could help you when asking for a raise or getting a promotion. It will also give you the satisfaction of a more fulfilling job.

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  • Lyosha

    I also agree with benefits of routine. It always makes me feel easy, I definitely know what to do next, you don’t to invest time on planning. It brings peace.

  • Adriana

    We all need a routine I couldn’t agree more, it provides structure so that we can accomplish things and make our day a productive one.

  • Waren Jean Go

    I totally agree with this. I am currently reading a book titled The Power of Habits which talks about routine and I love it a lot. This is why I am starting to develop a habit of exercising so one day it will become a routine.

  • Anagha

    Absolutely True. Missing any one routine can affect us in some way. Being on routine life keeps us going every day 🙂

  • Rosey

    You definitely want to have a routine for important things. I can’t imagine not having a good routine for bills. I’d never remember what gets paid when if I didn’t. 🙂

  • pooja Malkani

    I love the post…. this is so true. We all need some kind of routine since it not only keeps us focused but makes us more efficient and productive. I have my own routine but I believe it has made me less flexible.

  • physio-sports

    i m agree ,if we are in the routine we create a structure for the days that allows us to be in ” automatic mode ” and to think less about the small details

  • Kaitlyn Nicole

    routine is so important! especially for kiddos But as an adult- I need a little spontaneity every now and then to keep me on my toes.

  • Sigrid Says

    I want to have a semblance of routine, too. But my work is so unpredictable. I can be home for three days and traveling for 3 weeks. Nothing is the same. But well, we love the randomness. 🙂

    • Dominique

      When I was a resident, there was some randomness in my work schedule — It changed from month to month. It was tough sometimes! I am impressed that you manage your schedule! Have a lovely day!

  • Beeb Ashcroft

    I love having a basic daily routine. It keeps me sane and gives me a bit of structure to expect every day.

  • David Elliott

    This is so true. Everyone has different optimal zones for them when they are most productive. Fitting your work into those zones makes for a better day. Getting your best work done while you are at your best is always a good thing.

    • Dominique

      Everyone should try to schedule according to their zones as much as possible. Obviously, it’s not perfect but it’s a useful habit to strive for.

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