Personal Development

Personal development covers self-development, motivation, self-care, and mental health.

financial goals

Don't Forget Your Financial Goals!

As we have covered throughout this month, people set goals for all kinds of activities. Yet, one of the most important, i.e., financial goals, often gets overlooked. It’s amazing how many people haven’t set up a budget or are not putting away enough for their retirement. Don’t Forget Your Budget Always create a budget and try to stick with it. …

goal setting resolutions

Unsuccessful New Year’s Resolutions? Try a Goal Instead!

A Series on Goal Setting During the month of January, my posts will look at different aspects of goal setting — not resolution setting… New Year’s resolutions can be thought of as a type of goal setting exercise. Yet, people tend to be more successful at formally setting goals than they are at reaching what they set out to do …

personal goals

Project 2020 Reinvention: Make a List of Personal Goals

One of the most profound moments in literature is in Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland. Alice is walking and comes to a fork in the road. She’s not sure which way she should go, so she asks the Cheshire Cat, “Which road should I take?” The cat asks her in return, “Well where are you going?” “I don’t know” Alice …