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8 Tips to Help You Wake Up Early

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Waking up early is a habit we can all benefit from. At the same time, we know it’s not easy. After managing to get all your work done the day before, you just want an extra hour of sleep before you face the world again. While it may seem hard at first, if you follow these tips to help you wake up early, you can reap the many benefits of being an early bird.

Start Small

Your body loves routines. If your usual rising time is 7 AM and you suddenly decide to start waking up by 5 AM, you will be surprised by how terribly your body will respond. If you plan to make early rising a lifestyle, you need to take baby steps.

Why not start by waking up fifteen or thirty minutes earlier than usual. Switch it up like that daily, and in about a week’s time, you should reach your final goal. By taking it in bits like this, you give your body time to adjust gradually.

Early to Bed

In all honesty, there’s no magic to early rising. If you’re going to enjoy all the benefits of waking up early, you still have to get enough sleep. A report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends adults aged 18 to 60 years get at least seven hours of sleep each night for the best health and wellness.

What this means is that if you are going to get enough sleep and still wake up early, you have to go to bed early – it’s simple math really. If you don’t feel sleepy when its bedtime, go to bed either way. You can grab a book for some light reading or listen to some soothing music. You’ll be off to dreamland in no time.

Consistency is Key

Once you’ve settled into your early rising routine, do your best to stick with it, even on weekends. Your body craves good consistent restful sleep and it takes time for your body to get into a rhythm. Therefore, veering off schedule forces your body to have to adjust each time. If you stay consistent with your bed and wake times, you’ll avoid the grogginess and tiredness that can result from a change in schedule.

Set Alarms

You are attempting to develop a new habit and, understandably, you need a little push to get there. That’s where an alarm clock comes in. When setting the alarm, try to place the clock as far away from your bed as possible. That way, you won’t be able just to stretch and hit snooze. You’ll have to get up to turn it off. Once you’re up, you can easily take it from there.

Morning Hydration

Of water, that is. A glass of water in the morning can help you charge up your metabolism and fuel your brain. It can also hydrate you and help your body flush out toxins.

Many people prefer room temperature water first thing, rather than a shocking glass of cold water. For added flavor and vitamins, add a squirt of fresh lemon juice to your cup.

Let’s Stretch!

Stretching in the morning can provide you with the best start to the day. Spending as little as five minutes to stretch before you get going with your daily tasks can help kick-start your energy levels and get your circulation going.

The movement will help you slowly wake your body and get the blood flowing to your muscles. Doing this long term will give you the added benefit of increased flexibility and circulation.

Make Good Use of Your Time

A University of Birmingham study found that the morning is the best time for the brain to do work that requires focus. There’s no point waking up early if you’re just going to use that time on mundane tasks and then end up rushing the more critical tasks.

Obviously, it would be easier to spend that time going through your Pinterest board and catching up on your favorite influencer’s YouTube channel. However, if you make a promise to dedicate that extra time to get the more important things done that require your focus, by the time the sun rises, you would have achieved so much.

Be Intentional

At the end of the day, all the power lies in your hands. If you keep looking for excuses why you need that extra hour of sleep, you’ll definitely find them. It’s up to you to make the plan to get up and stick to it.

What is your favorite way to start the day? Do you have a regular early morning routine? Let me know in the comments!

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  • Melissa Cushing

    I love these tips and I am usually the one who is doing the major change when the school year starts. In the summer we sleep in until 6:30 or so but in the school year I am up at 5AM and sometimes 4:30 AM. Going to be early is the way to go for me… and I love the stretching and even working out in the AM as I am at my best that time of day 🙂

  • Krysta

    I usually wake up early but it was difficult for me to get up early. Stretching makes a difference too specially when you’re getting older and don’t have to time to do a complete exercise routine.

  • Nancy Lee

    I am typically the person who is doing a significant change when the school year begins. Extending has any kind of effect too particularly when you’re getting more seasoned and don’t have the opportunity to do a total exercise schedule. I love the extending and in any event, turning out in the AM as I am at my best that season of day.

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