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Infused Water

Infused Water 101 and How to Make It

It’s clear, odorless, and tasteless, but most living creatures cannot exist without it. Water keeps us alive. It keeps our cells hydrated and plump. It also flushes out toxins to naturally cleanse our insides. Hydrating year-round is essential. However, in the spring, the weather is warmer, and you spend more time outside, sweating more and requiring even more hydration. This …


Increase Your Self-Confidence

We all know them. You know the ones, those self-confident individuals who always seem to be in control. They make snap decisions, appear to be more successful, and possess an inner strength that is almost palpable. You admire their self-assurance and strong opinions. Those characteristics come from an inner belief in one’s ability. Self-confidence doesn’t always come naturally and developing …

Bodyweight Pair

Deciding on a Fitness Program: Bodyweight

If you want to start a new exercise regimen or make some changes to the one you are currently doing (or not doing), it’s good to explore other options. Perhaps there’s something else out there that might inspire you or spice up your routine enough that you are more consistently doing it. There are a number of different fitness programs, …

sugar cubes

4 Reasons to Decrease Your Sugar Consumption

There’s been a lot of talk in the media about the evils of sugar consumption. It’s hidden in all sorts of foods including bread and salad dressing. Add to that our love for things like cookies and ice cream and it’s no wonder our sugar consumption is skyrocketing. Unfortunately, all this added sugar is doing a lot of damage to …

National Donate Life Month

It’s National Donate Life Month

Happy Monday everyone!  I was going to write about something else today, but I realized that this was a very important month for me personally. No, not my birthday or either of my kids’ birthdays, or even my husband’s birthday. My mother’s birthday is this month, but she doesn’t make a big deal about it, so we don’t either.  No, …