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Small Habits that Have a Healthy Impact on the Planet

You don’t have to own a recycling company or chain yourself to a tree in the rainforest to make a healthy impact on the planet. In fact, tiny habits could have a bigger impact than you realize. Making small shifts in your everyday routine can result in reduced waste and resource conservation. Plus, you won’t have to radically change your life. Simply make small shifts in a variety of areas for a combined impact.

Small Personal Habits that Have a Healthy Impact on the Planet

Habit: Avoid the drive-thru

  • Bring your own cup to your favorite coffee spot
  • Dine in and avoid packaging that isn’t bio-degradable
  • Skip the chain restaurants and eat at local joints

Habit: Become a DIY’r

  • Make your own chemical-free health and beauty products
  • Make your own chemical-free cleaning products
  • Learn to mend and sew
  • Upcycle home décor and furniture

Habit: Develop Earth-friendly hygiene habits

  • Air-dry your hair
  • Hang your laundry to dry
  • Avoid aerosol beauty products

Small Habits for Your Home that Have a Healthy Impact on the Planet

Habit: Conserve energy-

  • Choose compact LED bulbs for your lighting
  • Turn off lights when you leave a room
  • Unplug unnecessary items when not in use
  • Install solar panels on your home

Habit: Conserve water-

  • Set sprinklers on a timer and use them in the early mornings for less evaporation
  • Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth
  • Buy an energy-efficient dishwasher and washing machine
  • Take shorter, cooler showers

Habit: Reduce waste-

  • Recycle plastics
  • Avoid single-use packaging
  • Invest in glass storage and eliminate plastic baggies
  • Learn to compost
  • Use reusable drink bottles

Habit: Eat local and small batch

  • Go meatless whenever possible
  • Shop farmers’ markets
  • Source eggs locally
  • Buy local and limit online shopping

Small Habits in Your Community that Have a Healthy Impact on the Planet

Habit: Volunteer

  • Help clean debris in local parks and urban areas
  • Pick up trash whenever you see it
  • Offer to carpool or rideshare
  • Plant trees or work in a community garden

Habit: Recycle

  • Recycle electronics, paints, and chemicals properly
  • Donate unwanted items
  • Participate in curbside-recycling
  • Buy second-hand items

Habit: Be an example

  • Educate children about healthy Earth-focused habits
  • Walk, carpool, or bike to work or run errands
  • Share fruits and vegetables from your garden
  • Save, clean, and gift glass jars to use as storage containers


None of these habits take much effort, but combined, they will have a large impact on your local, and ultimately global, environment. Adopt the habits that are easiest and make the most sense for your unique lifestyle. Keep your eyes open for new habits to add over time.

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