Routine Is Key – Develop a Bedtime Routine That Works for You

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Sleep training is a set of behaviors and activities that promote consistent and routine sleep. Developing a bedtime routine that works for you is a key to a great night’s sleep. Looking at your lifestyle and personal interests helps you hone in on what the best routine looks like.

Though your routine will be highly individualized, there are some common characteristics of sleep training that are universal. Take a look at this framework and begin to build your bedtime routine around it.

Create a bedtime routine that begins before bedtime

Bedtime actually occurs well before you go to sleep. Making sure you routinely set aside time for personal hygiene, changing into pajamas, and taking care of any end-of-the-day details is the beginning of your bedtime routine. Failing to take care of these tasks before bedtime can encroach on the hours of sleep you can expect each night.

Decide when you want to wake up

Knowing when you want or need to wake up is an important determination for when you go to bed. Knowing that most people need seven to eight hours of sleep, simply count back from the time you want to wake up to determine when you need to go to bed.

Add downtime to your bedtime

Be sure to add at least half an hour to an hour to your bedtime to settle in and fall asleep. You can spend this time reading, meditating, or relaxing but you should avoid activities like screen time which can stimulate your mind rather than relax it.

Set an alarm with a consistent wake time

Waking at the same time every day will help set your rhythm for sleeping and waking. The more consistent you are with your bedtime and wake time your body will begin to adjust and you’ll find yourself waking on your own just prior to your alarm.  

This framework for sleep training can help you create the routine that helps you fall asleep easier and faster and helps you stay asleep longer. You can add activities to the routine that suit your needs and make your routine the most effective it can be for your night’s rest. The key is to be consistent and have a routine that you love and will stick to.

Sleep training is all about routine. Setting yourself up for success is as easy as making a plan to get ready for bed, stay in bed, and wake up refreshed and ready for a brand-new day.

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