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Take Back Your Power: Stop Letting Life Control You

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My life would be so much better if I just had more money, the perfect job, the perfect relationship.

Does this sound familiar?

Everyone has been in a situation where they have put their power and their happiness in the hands of someone else or place their control on an external situation to provide happiness. Some people chase relationship after relationship, believing that it holds the key to their life’s happiness. While others hold on to the belief that earning a certain salary will bring them joy.

These are common thoughts, but when you think like that, you’re giving your power away. You’re giving that power to an external factor, such as the thought of success, a person, or your job.

Your inner dialogue is telling your subconscious that you cannot be happy unless you satisfy certain criteria. Sadly, you’re entirely unaware that you’re doing this to yourself, so you’re oblivious to the fact that you’ve given your power away.

Don’t Label Yourself

What you need to understand is the only way to be happy is by taking back your power, and to do that you need to get to know yourself. You are responsible for your feelings, your behaviors, and your thoughts. By giving your power away to external factors, you are inviting unhappiness, frustration, and a general feeling of being trapped.

We live in a world of labels – you’re smart or you’re stupid, you’re ugly or you’re pretty, you’re successful or you’re unsuccessful. We have this pressure from society to fit into certain boxes that conform to what is considered normal and expected.

When you allow yourself to be put in these boxes, though, you’re giving your power away. Therefore, when you are faced with a decision you need to ask yourself where it’s coming from. Are you making your choice based on society or on your inner truth?

Six Steps To Take Your Power Back

Your potential is limitless, and it’s time that you understood that and took back the power necessary to achieve what you want from life. Use these six steps to free yourself and recapture your power.

  • Choose You. When faced with a choice are you making a decision that will empower you? Does your decision add value to your life and help you grow? Or does it make you feel free? Does it make you feel happy? If the answer is no, then it isn’t the right decision for you, don’t be afraid to choose you.
  • Inner Connection. To truly know and understand what it is that you want from life, you first need to know who you are. Take time to get to really know yourself and you’ll soon see your decisions being fueled by you instead of external sources.
  • Find Fear. You can’t overcome your fears if you don’t even know what they are, can you? So, determine your fears and then leave them in your wake. You should never allow your fear to outgrow your self-belief.
  • Self-Expression. You can express your feelings without blaming other people. Allow yourself to open up and be vulnerable, be courageous by expressing your needs and your feelings. You don’t need to apologize for knowing what you want and who you are, it’s the light that will guide your path.
  • Self-Awareness. Be aware of what you’d like to change, whether it’s about yourself, your career, or life in general. You should always be aware of what your self-talk is truly saying as opposed to what your ego is telling you. Your ego is just noise, it’s your self-talk that speaks your true self.
  • Accountability. You are nothing if you cannot take responsibility for your words and deeds. Don’t deny mistakes or make excuses, learn from them and do better.

Life is short and if you want the best out of it, you will start taking back your power today.

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