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Find a New Fall Morning Routine



It’s almost fall, ya’ll!

Fall is all about getting comfortable, cozying up in front of the fire, and being grateful for everything in your life.

And football too…let’s not forget!

Fall can also be a great time to adjust your morning routine. This can help you have healthier days, improve your mental health, and set you up for more focused and productive days. Here are a few suggestions on how to create a new routine for fall.

Add a Morning Workout

Practicing self-care is more than just doing things to pamper yourself – it also means making healthier choices. Becoming healthier physically is wonderful for your emotional and mental health and well-being. While you’re working on improving your fall morning routine, why not add a quick workout? Not only is this going to get your day started with more energy, but help you live a healthier life at the same time.

Exercise is good for your heart, boosts your energy levels, and can help you feel like you are doing something really great for yourself. Try physical activities that allow you to practice self-care at the same time, such as a relaxing yoga or Pilates practice in the morning, a nice evening walk with your dog, or heading to a local lake or beach to take in the sights while you walk.

Express Gratitude

Being more grateful for the good things in your life will allow you to be more positive, which can be reflected in other areas of your life as well. Try to add a gratitude practice to your fall morning routine, such as writing down what you are grateful for in a journal. This is a really simple method, since you’re likely using your journal every day already. It can be as simple as a sentence or two in your daily journal entry about what you are grateful for, or you can have a goal of 3-5 things each day you want to be thankful for. Another option is to start a gratitude journal, where the entire journal is used exclusively for that purpose.

You can also repeat gratitude mantras in the morning as part of your morning routine.

Include Using a Daily Planner

Planning out your life, or at least your day, can also be really useful as part of your morning routine. For self-care, this is going to reduce stress and give you achievable, realistic goals, which make such a positive impact on your life. Get a daily planner and use at least the monthly and weekly calendar pages. Each day, sit down in the morning to look at what is on the schedule for today, making any notes or to-do lists that need to be included.

If there are areas for extra notes,you can also write down at least one thing you feel grateful for each day, and it will allow you to be a lot more positive and thankful for the good in your life, as opposed to dwelling on the negative.

Eat a Healthy Breakfastfall leaves

Don’t forget about breakfast! While it isn’t mandatory, it is great to start your day off right. At the end of your morning routine, consider adding a quick and healthy breakfast to give you more energy. This will also make you feel like you’re doing something good for your body. What could be better for self-care?

This might be making a fruit or green smoothie for lots of vitamins and minerals. Or you might prefer a bowl of oatmeal with sliced fruit and a cup of green tea. There are several other types of breakfast bowls, overnight oats, or smoothies using fall foods like sweet potato, apples, or pumpkin that you can try during the fall as well.

Just think of a breakfast that is filling and nutritious—you have a lot of options!


After the heat and activity of summer, fall is a good time to regroup and reassess. These tips can get you started towards a healthier fall season! For more tips and suggestions, check out this ebook Having a Healthier Autumn

It’s only $5.

Have a wonderful day!

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  • Sara |

    These are all wonderful additions to a healthy lifestyle. I definitely couldn’t get through my day without a healthy breakfast! That’s for sure. But some morning yoga and gratitude journaling really pave the way towards a ton of goodness too

  • Krish

    A healthy style is good for all season..healthy food…good exercises …will keep the body full of energy and fit for fall .
    Nice suggestions to keep busy and stay healthy..

  • Nicole

    All of these are great tips and ideas! I use a daily planner and I don’t know how to live wihtout it, it is so helpful! I’m thinking of adding in a morning workout, such as a quick walk with the pup. Thanks for sharing!

  • Jeana Marie

    These are great tips! Are there any quick healthy breakfasts or workouts you absolutely recommend? I’m looking to get back into shape soon! Plus, I’m looking for a daily planner that is conducive to productivity.

    • Dominique

      I am glad they are helpful! I am still a fan of smoothies and bowls (I love burrito bowls, breakfast bowls, etc). I have a couple of posts planned that look at breakfast bowls and smoothies that incorporate fall foods like pumpkin or sweet potato! Hopefully, that will give you some ideas! Also, I am in the process of creating some planners for my site — perhaps you’ll find one that works for you!

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