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Personal development covers self-development, motivation, self-care, and mental health.

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Spring Week: Day 2–Stop Comparing Yourself

It’s Finally Spring Week Day 2: Stop Comparing Yourself to Others and Accept Your Imperfections Hello Everyone! It’s Day #2 of “It’s Finally Spring” Week. I hope you enjoyed the first installment yesterday and learned some tips that can help you manage the decluttering of your house. Today, I’m excited because there’s a nice gift at the end of this …

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Let’s Start a New Spring Routine for Success

It’s another Monday! I hope everyone’s weekend was relaxing so we can all hit this week hard! My daughter has a sleep study tonight (which my husband so graciously volunteered to attend!) so her week has already been altered. I’m not sure if she is going to school on Monday or Tuesday which won’t make her happy. Which alters my …


Increase Your Self-Confidence

We all know them. You know the ones, those self-confident individuals who always seem to be in control. They make snap decisions, appear to be more successful, and possess an inner strength that is almost palpable. You admire their self-assurance and strong opinions. Those characteristics come from an inner belief in one’s ability. Self-confidence doesn’t always come naturally and developing …