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The Benefits of Reframing Your Attitude

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Laura was in a horrific car accident years ago. Although she survived, the surgeries to save her life left her with intense back pain. Even with medication, she had trouble doing everyday tasks.

Because of the accident, Laura developed the belief that she couldn’t control anything that happened in her life. She would eat excessively, refuse to exercise, and would only leave her home when she absolutely had to.

As her health continued to deteriorate, Laura lived in denial. Then one day, a friend she’d met online challenged her to reframe her attitude. She explained to Laura that there were some wonderful benefits to reframing including…

Reframing Provides More Personal Power

Negative thoughts can leave you feeling like things in your life will never change and that you have no choice but to accept what’s going on. In truth, you have a lot more power than you realize.

Reframing can help you sort through your options and make a decision that’s right for you. For example, Laura had been an avid runner before the accident. After it, she believed she couldn’t exercise anymore.

Thanks to her friend, Laura started looking on YouTube and found a variety of videos on chair exercises. It was difficult but she was able to start a new fitness regimen. By challenging her old assumptions, Laura took back some of her personal power.

Less Stress

With regular reframing, your outlook is altered. When things do go wrong, you don’t stress about them the same way you use to. It’s not that you won’t encounter difficult days or hear bad news.

But when these moments come, you’ll face them differently. You’ll hold your head high and rest contentedly in the knowledge that you can face whatever is thrown at you.

Reframing Provides More Confidence

Not only does reframing invite you to step into your strength, it also builds your confidence. As you make choices that are right for you and make you feel good about who you are, confidence begins to grow.

Think of self-confidence like a tiny seed planted in your heart. Every time you reframe negative situations and take positive action, you water that seed. In time, that seed will take root and become a mighty oak tree.

Don’t be surprised if you begin reframing your attitude and find that you’re much happier. As you take ownership of your life and make positive choices, you’ll realize just how powerful, bold, and determined you really are.

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