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Bermuda trees

Our (Free) Bermuda Odyssey 2018

  Good Thursday morning! I’m almost back to normal after our 5 days in Bermuda. I haven’t done many posts like this on this blog, but I’m going to dip my toe into the more personal post realm here and there. Besides, I had such a wonderful time, I just want to share pictures! A little about Bermuda: Bermuda has …


Airport Follies June 2018

  No new post today. I spent Monday in various airports on the way back from Bermuda. Small price to pay, right? This is a picture of the Bermuda coast as we rode on a catamaran to a party! It was beautiful… Full post on Bermuda on Thursday!   Loving Life–The Reboot!   Dominique

Fitness on the beach

Tips for Getting Workouts In While on Vacation

Happy Friday! The kids are finally out of school! Summer has officially begun! In honor of the start of summer—and the start of summer travel–this Friday’s post will focus on how you can keep up your exercise routines while travelling. In fact, there are a lot of opportunities to get in a good workout, no matter where you are. Just …

Vacation destination

Start Planning for Your Summer Vacation

Summer is coming, ya’ll! Really — it is… While I know many of you are still fighting through ice and snow this spring (I’m sorry!), it’s finally warm here in Texas – who knows if it’ll last the week? But it feels like we are nearing the hot and humid season. I like the heat – the weather here never …