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Can People Really Be Toxic?

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The word toxic seems a harsh description when it comes to people, but is it? Food can be toxic, chemicals can be toxic, and yes, people can be toxic too. Sadly, there are people out there who pollute and cause harm with their actions, beliefs, and personalities. Being around them or subject to their influence can create toxicity that damages all kinds of relationships.

Being around this kind of person is hard. Depending on the sort of toxicity they have, it might be down-right unbearable. To some extent, you can control the number and type of toxic people in your life but there are times when you can’t. You may have co-workers who are toxic, toxic teachers, or a toxic family member or friend. It isn’t always easy to cut bait and remove toxic people from your life, though that’s a great way to stay healthy.

Toxic People Problems

The problems with toxic people aren’t easy to define. Sure, it’s hard to miss someone who is downright determined to cause problems or shows up in such a way that everyone knows they are toxic, but most toxic people have healthy traits mixed in with their toxic traits and that can make it harder to identify them. This leaves people wondering if their gut instincts are right or if they are misjudging people. This keeps them in relationships with toxic people longer than they should and can leave scars that cause more problems down the road.

Unintentional Toxicity?

Most toxic people are unaware of their impact on others. In most cases, their toxicity developed because of something that happened to them along the way. There are a wide variety of reasons why people adopt these traits — some are learned, some develop as a coping mechanism and some are outward expressions of personal pain. Despite the origin, the behaviors associated with toxicity can strain relationships and cause a lot of harm.

Toxicity Doesn’t Have to be Permanent

While it’s true that people can be toxic, they don’t have to stay that way. People have the capacity to adapt and change and can drop toxic habits in favor of healthy habits that promote solid, high-functioning relationships. They just need to make the decision to change!

It’s really true that people can be toxic. Being around them can drain your happiness, kill your enthusiasm, and leave you feeling badly about yourself. To the extent you can control the toxicity in your life, you should. You don’t deserve to suffer because of other people’s toxic traits.

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