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3 Toxic Traits that Toxic People Share

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Toxic people have a lot in common. Their behaviors are off-putting, and they regularly tend to be at odds with people. You’ve heard the term suck the life from the room — that’s a perfect description of what toxic people do because their presence can change the atmosphere.

While toxic people don’t share every negative trait — someone could be toxic for gossip while another could be toxic for isolating and refusing to communicate…there are some traits that are consistent with toxic people. Traits like-

  • Negativity
  • Attention-seeking behaviors
  • Disruptive behaviors

Toxic people share toxic traits

There are plenty of ways to be toxic. It’s entirely possible for someone to be toxic one way while someone else is toxic in entirely another. Though they may express their toxicity differently, there are some universal traits that these people share. 

Toxic people are negative

You probably won’t hear the term toxic positivity. While someone’s perpetual happiness could get on your nerves, happy people don’t tend to cause too many problems. Negative people on the other hand can do a lot of damage. Negativity is a general term that covers a lot of ground. Toxic people tend to see the worst in people, the worst-case scenario, and focus on the worst parts of everything. Their negative attitude can ruin morale, the day, and over time can drain your energy. One of the most common traits toxic people share is negativity.

Toxic people always want attention

Well-adjusted people don’t require constant support. Toxic people tend to feed off the attention of other people- whether it’s positive or negative. They love constant contact. Toxic people tend to love the struggle, the fight or the engagement, and the drama. They are entrenched in attention-seeking and wear people out with their neediness and need for constant contact. Demanding attention makes it hard for others to shine. Toxic people have a hard time when other people get attention as it threatens their sense of security. They exhaust people because they often want to process everything. In today’s world with unlimited ways to connect, it can be hard to be in a relationship with people who always want attention.

Toxic people are disruptive

There are all sorts of toxic people: people who manipulate, are highly sensitive, are angry, or engage in other dysfunctional behaviors would be considered toxic. No matter what makes them uniquely toxic, one thing’s for certain- it’s disruptive. Toxic people tend to upset the people they are in a relationship with, including individually and in groups. Their behaviors, presence, and energy can cause a lot of tension or unnecessary problems to manage. Toxic people tend to cause a ripple effect wherever they go which is absorbed by those around them. Whether people are trying to manage their reactions to toxic people, are trying to disengage them, or attempting to get away from them, toxic people disrupt the harmony that could exist without their presence.

There are lots of ways to be toxic. Sadly, toxic people aren’t always aware of their impact on others. While there are unlimited ways for someone to be toxic, there are also some common traits all toxic people have. Their negativity, attention-seeking, and disruptiveness can change the atmosphere and make things uncomfortable for everyone. Recognize these traits and learn to avoid and disengage the toxic people who come into your life.

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