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Appreciate Life and Lower Your Stress

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Did you know that when you appreciate the small things in life, you are less likely to be stressed out?

Easily Upset vs Calm and Appreciative: Which is Better?

It makes sense when you think about it. People who are easily agitated get upset about everything. They don’t appreciate things that are right in front of them, and it causes them to blow up at every opportunity.

Contrast this with people who appreciate the small things. They aren’t going to let small distractions bother them. In fact, it’s those little things that they learn to enjoy and embrace. For instance, suppose there is a problem with the shipment of a product order at work. A high-strung individual will blow things out of proportion and yell at everyone to get it fixed. The appreciative person will calmly figure out how to solve the problem and work with people to make the situation right. They will also consider how to avoid this error in the future and be grateful that it was fixable.

Who would you rather associate with, the high-strung person who doesn’t appreciate anything or the person that appreciates everything? It’s likely you chose the appreciative person. This person will also be able to handle major issues since he or she is at ease handling the minor ones.

Appreciation Doesn’t Work Alone

It’s true that appreciative people have lower stress than people who aren’t. However, this isn’t a way to reduce stress completely. Appreciative people still need to eat right and exercise. These people are probably already doing that because they love life and want to prolong it. Even if there is room for improvement in that area, appreciative people will quickly adapt because they have the right attitude.

If you are hot-headed about everything, it’s time to reevaluate this stance. Be grateful for what you have and who you have. When you take the time to be grateful, you will start to relax as a byproduct of this change. You’ll stop jumping to conclusions, and you’ll look for ways to solve problems in a relaxed manner.

You can also use relaxation techniques such as meditation and massage. Keep trying different ways to relax but above all, be appreciative of your entire life. Others will be attracted towards you as they feed off your positive energy. They will also be more willing to follow your lead.

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  • Anagha

    Yup, I agree. we need to appreciate and move on . But, there is a fine line between just moving on and managing it with healthy lifestyle. That’s true.

  • Noelle Lynne

    Meditation and massage are my two favorite ways to relax, great reminder on how important self care is. In a world so busy, I fell that so many people to forget to stop and think about themselves.

  • Stephanie | Adventures in Aussieland

    I have pretty bad anxiety and I find when I start to get easily upset, I need to reground myself. Asking “What can I do about this right now?” helps me reorient myself and decrease my stress. If I find out I can’t do anything about it, I move on. It took a long time to be able to wire myself to do this but it has really helped improve my overall wellbeing.

  • Hollie

    I have struggled with anxiety and always appreciate different people’s methods and advice for dealing with stress. I also see therapy which helps a lot.

  • D'ondra M Howard

    Trying to stay calm in the middle of adversity is something I am still trying to balance. I know I shouldn’t blow up, and it doesn’t change anything, but getting the anger out sometimes help me to calm down and look at it differently.

  • Hannah Marie

    I am into post that has the same message like this. It makes you think twice to how you analyze of things. Less stress and more life.

  • Terri Beavers

    I let too many small distractions bother me and I’m really trying to work on that. I want to appreciate what life I have left and lower my stress which would be great for my blood pressure. I’m going to apply your tips and learn to be grateful and see if I can’t turn things around.

  • Candace Hampton

    So true! Being appreciative is not enough. I like exercising, eating well and going out with my friends to help reduce stress. It’s important to get out of our comfort zone and explore new things. Thanks for sharing! I hope that you enjoyed your memorial weekend.

    Candace Hampton

  • Arun

    I am trying to implement these tips lately in my life. I have a gratitude page in my journal too. Thank you for the wonderful post.

  • Elle

    I did a podcast about this very subject. It’s comforting to know that stress is experienced by everyone but there are certain techniques that can make it more bearable.

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