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5 Exercises in the Art of Self-Reflection


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Last week, we looked at 4 Questions to Ask to in the Search for Your True Self. This week, we will look at some self-reflection exercises.

They can have many uses.

You can use these to dig deeper while you are doing the work of getting to know yourself. They can also help you relax when you feel stressed or a part of your own meditation routine. Self-reflection exercises can ensure that you remain on the path toward success and help you defeat any feelings of self-doubt when they creep in.

Here are 5 self-reflection exercises that you can use to put things into perspective.

1. Compose affirmations.

Write a list of at least 50 affirmations. These affirmations should embrace what you want to achieve and what you want to become in your life. Write them in the present tense and be sure to use the word “I” throughout the list. For example, “I am always good at my job.” It is important to focus on the things that are occurring now that will lead to your future success.

You may hear words in your head such as, “But you messed this up the other day” or “You weren’t as productive a few days ago.” If you are hearing things like this, banish those negative thoughts. It can take some time to get used to positive thinking, but it’ll be time well-spent.

  • Repeating your affirmations aloud will enable you to reprogram your mind with positive thoughts.

Do you need some help writing your affirmations? Get this free printable list of 30 Positive Self-Talk Affirmations         that you can borrow from or use as examples as you create your own!  

2. Tap into your subconscious mind.

Your subconscious mind is where your self-image is stored. All of your attitudes, experiences, beliefs, and values are here. Your subconscious mind is the core of who you are, and it’s a very powerful force.

If you look inward and reflect upon what’s inside this storehouse within your mind, you can gain a better sense of      self-awareness. Some may call this meditation. Regardless of what you call it, this process helps you to attain a          higher level of consciousness.

  • Better self-awareness can provide you with many answers about yourself and your true beliefs.

3. Visualize creatively.

This is a fun way to self-reflect! Make yourself a box to show your hopes and dreams. Or you can create a vision board. Place pictures and words that represent you and your thoughts into your box or on your board. The more details you include, the better it works!

  • Imagination is the key, and the sky is the limit!

4. Ask yourself questions.

Regularly ask yourself questions about yourself. Write down your questions and your answers. Ask yourself questions about the present and the future and provide yourself with positive answers. You can be creative with your questions because only you know what’s inside of you.

This exercise should be done on a regular basis—this is separate from the four questions mentioned above.              Before you start with the new questions and answers, you need to review the last question and answer session          that you completed previously. This is an opportunity to review where you are currently. You can evaluate                  changes in your feelings or hopes and dreams over that time period. This can give you a deeper understanding        of yourself.

  • Be sure to structure your questions to include details about your hopes and dreams.

5. Write and reflect.

Purchase a journal and write in that journal every single day. First, you should write down something positive that occurred that day. Next, write down a question for yourself. Don’t answer that question then and there. Reflect on that question and write your answer the next day as a part of your journal entry.

There are services out there that provide journal prompts to help you get started with your journal entries if you are struggling with writer’s block. One example is the $5/month Journal Prompts Monthly Program by Sue Fleckenstein (affiliate link) but there are others available.

As you can see, self-reflection truly is an art. It involves tapping your inner being and using that to figure out what it is you really want. In time, your reflections will enable you to achieve the success, peace, and serenity you deserve.

Hopefully, these questions will help you as you continue your journey to more self-discovery!

Have a lovely day!

Loving Life–The Reboot!


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