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Meditation For Beginners: 2 Simple Starter Meditations

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Have you been wanting to embrace your spiritual self more? Maybe you’re a little bit overwhelmed or wondering where to begin? Does the idea of meditating seem out-of-reach or too complicated, yet at the same time, something you’d love to explore? I have good news for you. In this post, I’m sharing two really easy meditations that you can do right now if you want.

If you’ve never meditated before, don’t worry. You can choose whichever one sounds more enjoyable to you and begin there. These two short and simple meditations will have you on your way to a rewarding new personal care ritual today.

Connect With Your Higher Self

Do you know what your Higher Self is? It’s the part of you that is in touch with your inner truth and inner guidance. As you embrace your spiritual side, you’ll want to understand how to connect with this important part of yourself, so you can get answers and guidance. Here is a simple, easy-to-do meditation to help you connect with your own Higher Self. Relax and just enjoy the process; you can’t do this wrong.

Spend about 10 minutes doing this meditation. If needed, set a timer, but keep the volume low, so you’re not startled out of your meditative state. Have a journal next to you to record your experience and any impressions, thoughts, and feelings afterward.

Sit comfortably and quietly somewhere you know you won’t be disturbed. Pay attention to your inhalations and exhalations as you begin to relax. Close your eyes now and imagine yourself in your favorite outdoor spot in nature. You’re sitting comfortably on the earth. Now move your focus upward to the sky. You notice a bright golden-white light hovering above you. Seeing it there makes you feel at peace, happy, and safe.

This is your higher self. It is part of you. Greet it in whatever way feels best to you and thank it for being here with you. Now imagine your higher self descending and entering through the top of your head. It fills your entire being with golden-white light. You notice right away that you feel calm and at peace, knowing you now have this part of yourself with you all the time.

Ask your higher self a question if there’s something you need assistance with or something you need to know. Sit quietly and be aware of any feelings, impressions, or words that come to you. Your higher self might communicate in words, pictures, physical sensations, or emotions.

To end the meditation, thank your higher self and gently move your hands and feet to bring your awareness back into your body. Slowly open your eyes when you feel ready.

You’ve Done It!

starting meditation

Congratulations! You have just established an amazing connection with a part of you that is a wise and loving source of guidance and wisdom. Repeat this meditation whenever you need answers for yourself.

I recommend journaling this experience when you finish so you can remember it, refer back to it as needed, and build on it for future meditations.

A Meditation For Bedtime

This one is easy to do, and if you do this for a week at bedtime, you should start to see results. Spend about 10 minutes on this visualization. No journal or timer needed! Just drift off to sleep when you finish.

You will begin this after you climb into bed and are lying comfortably on your back with your head gently supported by a pillow. Make sure your neck isn’t at an uncomfortable angle.

Close your eyes and notice your breathing — inhaling and exhaling. Breathe at a rate that feels good to you. Become aware of the thoughts in your mind. Notice them as they arrive.

Now pay attention to any repetitive and troublesome thoughts. Imagine collecting them and placing them in a container — it could be a basket, a box, or a bag. Next, close the container securely with all the stressful and worrisome thoughts inside. Picture yourself placing the container outside your bedroom door and closing the door until morning. Your basket, box, or bag will be waiting there when you get up tomorrow, refreshed and rested.

Bring your attention back to your body. Take a deep, relaxing breath and become aware of your feet and ankles. Picture your muscles getting soft. As you exhale through your mouth, imagine any tension leaving your feet and ankles with your breath. Move your awareness up your legs, breathing gently yet deeply, exhaling all tightness out of your legs. Notice how your feet, ankles, and legs feel now.

Slowly move your attention up your body to your hips and belly, continuing to breathe and exhaling the tension out of these areas. Move on to your upper body and do the same here. Many of us hold stress and anxiety in our shoulders and neck, so if you feel like you want to spend a little extra time in this area, that’s fine.

Lastly, become aware of your jaw, face, eyes, and head and breathe into these areas. Exhale and see the tension exiting your body with your breath. As you wind down from this meditation, simply allow yourself to drift off to sleep.

A Tip

If you find it difficult to remember all of the meditations as you’re doing them, try reading them into the voice memo app on your phone. When you’re ready, simply play the recording to guide you through the visualizations.

Speak in a soft and relaxing tone and read slowly — more slowly than you think is necessary. As you’re doing the meditations, the slower pace can help your mind keep up, so you don’t feel rushed.

What Next?

starting meditation

These two guided meditations will give you the perfect jumping-off spot to start your journey of spiritual connection. As you progress, feel free to explore other avenues of connection and growth.

What is your favorite way to meditate? Let me know in the comments!

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