Comparison Review: 5 Top Blenders

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The personal blender is the newest style of mixer. Like a hand blender or immersion style model, a personal blender usually has a smaller wattage engine than a counter-top model. You’re not going to be making 48 or 64 ounces of product at once with one of these, like you can with larger family-sized models. What personal blenders do offer is speed, easy cleanup, and low cost. You can quickly whip together a juice or a smoothie for 1 or 2 people in a couple of minutes.

Personal blenders are also super-portable. They are small, lightweight, and can easily travel with you. However, sometimes you need greater jar capacity. That’s where blenders with 48- or 72-ounce containers come into play. Obviously, they may cost more than a personal blender, and they aren’t as portable. However, when you’re blending for more than 2 people, it’s nice to have that larger jar and more capable motor.

In this comparison review we are going to look at 2 of the most popular personal blenders. They’ll be compared head to head with 2 counter-top models with 72-ounce and 40-ounce containers, as well as a personal blender with a 48-ounce jar that consistently rates as the bestselling product in the entire Personal Size Blenders category at Amazon.

Let’s crank up these machines and see what you can expect.

  • Oster Simple Blend 100 10-Speed Blender with Blend and Go Cup : The #1 best-selling model in the BlenderPersonal Size Blenders category at offers 10 different speeds and a 700-watt motor. You grind and shop with a stainless-steel blade and can fix up to 48 ounces of juices or smoothies at one time. Offered in black or white, and backed by a 3-year satisfaction guarantee and an impressive 10-year motor warranty, this blender comes equipped with a “blend and go” cup for making single servings in a hurry.

Instead of using the 48-ounce jar, a portable plastic jar snaps onto the blender motor. Add your ingredients, blend, and then drink out of the container, which comes with a secure drinking lid.


  • Magic Bullet Blender, Small, Silver, 11 Piece Set :  In the Household Blenders category on Amazon, theblender Magic Bullet Blender is often found as the bestselling model. This is a little misleading, since this machine is used to make 1 or 2-person servings for quick mix, grab and go portability, not family-sized quantities. You can whip, grind, chop, mix, blend, and both the cups and lids are top-shelf dishwasher safe.


You receive a 10-Second Recipes Book with your purchase, and you have a choice of 6 colors. Unlike conventional blenders, you place your ingredients in a cup or mug that fits onto the 250-watt motor. Blend your ingredients, remove your tall cup, short cup, or party mug that comes with your purchase, snap on the lid, and away you go. The tall cup holds 16 ounces, and you can purchase additional cups and mugs up to 32 ounces for larger servings.

  • Magic Bullet NutriBullet 12-Piece High-Speed Blender/Mixer System :  Offered in 3 different colors, this Bullet blenderunit is an upgrade from the 11-piece set just reviewed. You get one tall cup and two short cups, like in the 11-piece model, and a powerful motor upgrade. This unit has a 600-watt motor that can handle bigger jobs than its less powerful, less expensive sibling.


That stronger motor means more versatility in the juices, soups, protein shakes, and smoothies you can make with this “grab and go” personal blender. Because of the more powerful motor and an additional blade, you can expect to more efficiently grind and pulverize fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds to release more of the nutrition inside. You receive a Pocket Nutritionist and cookbook with your purchase.


  • The Ninja Professional Blender (BL610): The Shark Ninja company has combined a powerful 1,000-watt Ninja blendermotor with a large 72-ounce container in their Ninja Professional Blender. Visually, this is a good-looking machine with an attractive, sleek design, and all parts are dishwasher-safe and BPA-free.

One really nice feature usually found on much more expensive machines is the auto shutoff if the lid is not secured. You can crush ice to snow in seconds, and unlike the previous 3 models we’ve already reviewed, there are no “grab and go” drinking cups that come with this model. However, Shark Ninja does offer 16-ounce cups with travel lids as additional accessories you can purchase.



This affordable blender/food chopper is backed by a 3-year limited warranty, as well as the respected Hamilton Beach name.



Hopefully, this will give you some insight if you are looking to buy a blender so you can incorporate more fruits and veggies into your diet. Happy shopping!

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