How to Stay Positive By Being More Present

being present positive

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Have you ever walked to your car and couldn’t recall locking the door on your way out?

How about taking your morning route to work and arriving only to realize that a big block of your trip is gone from your memory?

It’s actually quite scary if you think about it, but it’s a phenomenon that affects everyone. With today’s world being so fast-paced yet often so monotonous, it’s becoming easier and easier for us to live outside of the moment and for our minds to wander inward, especially as we go about routine tasks.

Why Aren’t We Living in the Moment?

being present positive

Unfortunately, this can lead to many problems. While daydreaming about your upcoming vacation while you do dishes may not necessarily be a bad thing, repeatedly allowing your mind to wander is no way to live life. Living in the moment is something we’re always told to do, so why aren’t more of us doing it?

Lost Time

being present positive

The fact is, when we allow our minds to wander off and we fail to live in the present moment, we often end up going to bed feeling as though the day has just slipped away from us. Over time, it minimizes our productivity. It even kills our creative processes because we’re no longer paying attention to the here and now. Our minds are somewhere else while our bodies work almost on auto-pilot, doing your daily chores as you think about other times.

We Are Missing out on Life

being present positive

The trouble with this is that, in a sense, you are actually losing time in your life. Surely, doing the dishes won’t be the highlight of your life. However, by being present in every moment, you will end up getting more out of your life. You will begin to experience the joy that comes with appreciating the little things.

Slow Down, Look Around…

being present positive

When you take your dog out, for instance, you can quite literally “stop and smell the roses” if you are in the present. You can greet the neighbor who is passing by if you stay present. In general, you can learn to see and love the small things if you just pay more attention. Positivity is key!

If you make an effort today to start living in the moment, you will quickly begin to feel the results. It will certainly lead to a happier you!

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