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Healthy Aging: Mistakes That Drain Your Energy

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If you have ever said, “I don’t feel as energetic as I used to” then you should be concerned about what is causing the energy loss. Generally, people have described the loss of energy as they age as normal. Well, this could be expected, but it is controllable as well.

There are several factors including health-related ones which contribute to the loss of energy as people age. It is important that you understand the causes of energy loss so that you can try to stop or moderate it.

So, what are some of the health mistakes that lead to loss of energy as we age? Continue reading to find out.

Poor Sleep Quality and Lack of Comfort While Asleep

Most people’s lifestyles cause them to have a poor quality of sleep. Many people — especially entrepreneurs — are always concerned about their business and sometimes getting enough sleep becomes a problem. But did you know that this leads to cellular damage? Yes, the quality of sleep is one of the factors that contribute to how well the cells of your body perform.

Unfortunately, as people age, they have poor quality sleep. Without deep sleep, their body cells are not able to restore energy lost during work hours. This subsequently leads to damaged cells due to overwork. Your body then won’t have enough energy to perform necessary tasks.

Therefore, it is important to get adequate sleep. You need to improve the quality of your mattresses and beds since they are major factors that contribute to deep sleep. This is a healthy practice for maintaining high energy levels.

Not Exercising To Build Muscles

During exercise, the body’s muscle mass increases. This is a major factor for increased energy in your body. If you are not exercising, then you will not be able to increase your muscle mass and instead, the existing muscles are replaced by fatty tissue. By the time you are reaching your retirement age, the body muscle volume will have decreased by over 30% which is a serious implication to your energy levels.

Therefore, it is important to ensure that before you hit the office every morning you have done some workouts to maintain and possibly increase the energy levels. This is a very important factor to consider before you reach mid 30`s because that is when you have energy and time to build the muscle volume. The weight training exercises are the best to increase the muscle strength. You also need to do the stretching exercises so that you increase endurance.

Not Consuming Nutritious Meals

How healthy is your diet?

This is a question that you should ask yourself next time you are shopping at the grocery store. Furthermore, it is important to ensure that you don’t eat a lot of junk food that leads to health issues and unwanted weight gain. For people with very busy lifestyles, they order fast food from restaurants without considering the health implications.

What you eat provides energy for your tissues and muscles. Therefore it is critical that you start eating a healthy diet as early as possible.

Exposure to Health Hazards/Behavioral Factors

How much alcohol did you consume last weekend? Was it well balanced with healthy meals?

Drug abuse and other behavioral factors have a direct impact on your health in your old age.  Avoiding indulgence in risky behaviors will help in ensuring that you are energetic in the future. Therefore, it is important that people understand the effects of their actions before they participate in them. The habits that can cause negative effects like illnesses should be avoided. Being ill weakens your body as it tries to fight the effects of the illness.


Enough sleep, workouts, eating healthy meals, and avoiding risky behaviors are some of the common factors that will increase your chances of better health and plenty of energy as you age. It is important that every person observes a healthy lifestyle.

Are you concerned about your lifestyle habits as you age? What are you doing to improve your habits?

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