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Friends and Happiness: What’s the Connection?



Happiness is a lifelong pursuit. Two important ingredients in lifelong happiness are having a connection with others and developing deep, lasting friendships. Friends are a gift to be treasured, and their role in our lives include the ability to bring us happiness and joy. Here is how your friends and your happiness are related.

More Sociable People Are Happier

It has been shown in multiple studies that individuals who are more sociable are also happier people. As we age, it gets more difficult to find friends and meet people than when we were children. Those who seek out friendships and rate this as important, also rate themselves as being happier.

Individuals who isolate themselves fall more easily into depression and stress. Introverts need friends just as much as extroverts do, and friends can help take the edge off of loneliness and sadness. Even if you are not a natural extrovert, make a point of building friendships in order to contribute towards your mental health and happiness.

Strong Friendships Can Lessen Depression and Stress

People who rely on others to lift themselves up tend to be less stressed and depressed. Having a close friend you can talk to about your problems can serve as an important aid in releasing negative feelings. Confiding in a friend tends to reverse feelings of loneliness, and most friends offer words of comfort which affects you in a positive way, knowing that someone cares.

Being the one your friend asks for encouragement has positive benefits too, as it enforces the belief that you are needed and important. Having a happy friend heightens a person’s happiness, yet having a sad friend doesn’t affect you in equal proportions. This means that the benefits of friendship always outweigh the drawbacks.

Everyone collectively gains benefits through friendship, no matter whether you or your friend start out happy or not.

Positive Friends Impact the People around Them

Happiness is contagious. When you are around someone who is positive, life feels better. It doesn’t matter how stressed you might feel when you are alone; getting together with a good friend is therapeutic.

Make a choice to spend the majority of your time with people who are committed to a positive outlook on life. Encourage friends who need encouragement, but spend most of your time with those who are uplifting to your emotions. You will find yourself feeling more and more that way as time goes on.

Be the positive friend who encourages others as well. As the positive energy rubs off on you, so it should then rub off on those around you. Make a choice to encourage your friends, and to leave them feeling better than before they saw you.

Friends Adjust to Your Needs

Close friends have been shown to be flexible in their support of us. This means that if you are trying to lose five pounds for fun and you’re being tempted by a craving, a good friend will likely indulge with you.

On the other hand, if your health depends on losing the weight, a good friend is more likely to hold you accountable and help you stick to your decision. Good friends help you say no when it matters and help you say yes when you simply need to de-stress.


Friendships are important in regards to happiness. When you’re a good friend who also chooses other good friends, the benefits multiply. Choose friendship and enrich your happiness.


When we moved to Texas, I learned how difficult it was to make friends as an adult. I was surprised because when I had moved to Atlanta 3 years before, I didn’t have much trouble — the friends I made there are still some of my closest confidantes. My difficulties here probably were due to the life changes; I was now married with kids. The main adults I talked to were directly associated with my children. Not necessarily the best foundation…

I have some good friends here now — it just took more work than before. Friendship is a little different now because we have other obligations too. Even still hanging out with my friends make me happy…especially when we talk about the good old days LOL. Am I telling my age?

Enjoy your weekend!

Loving Life–The Reboot!



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  • Stacie

    Good friends make life so much better! They make the good times better. They make the bad times easier. Plus, shenanigans are so much more fun when you have a few wing-ladies.

  • Chloe

    SUCH a good reminder! One of my best friends just moved about an hour away and I forgot how good it feels to be around good friends until I went and visited her last week. Such a great reminder!

  • Alexandra

    Good friends are so important in life! Quality over quantity, also – that is for sure. Thanks for sharing this lovely post!

  • kumamonjeng

    I guess the number 1 rules to make friends is to be sincere and not hoping for any return. Friendship need to be nurture and it is both way, just like any relationship. Spend time together and it also take times to grow.

  • Catherine Santiago Jose

    I have a small circle of friends and I am thankful that I am being surrounded with beautiful and good people and that is one of the reasons for being happy.

  • Windy

    Having a healthy friendship with several people is needed to survive. Friends keep you sane well the right ones

  • Sam

    I agree with all of this. I have some friends that I’ve had for years, but some newer friends that I feel like get me on a different level. I’ve evolved a lot as a person since some of the older friendships. Though they accept me, but I feel like they don’t get me the same way my newer friends do. It’s good to have friends from both.

  • Preet

    What a great post. I totally agree with all of these. Having friends can really make you happy. I love how you stated strong friendship can lessen depression.

  • sara

    I totally agree with you! People who are more sociable are usually happier. My daughter is always happier when she is with her girlfriends.

  • Danielle

    Good friends are incredibly hard to come by. It’s actually difficult to make friends as an adult I think so when I make some friends I try and hold onto them!

  • Liza Perry

    I so agree with you on the fact that it is harder to make friends when adult! I’m happy I was able to find some new ones as I moved so much!

  • Danielle

    Friendship is so important. I still have some friends that I had since middle school, but I have noticed that finding friends as an adult is more important and also more difficult. Finding people with similar interests is not easy when we get older.

  • Puja

    I agree that making friends as an adult is much harder and time-consuming. But I guess once you find people with whom you get to spend time, the friendship grows.

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