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Evaluation Part 3: Create A Better Business Framework

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After reading the last two posts on evaluating your business, you’ve spent some time carefully evaluating last year. You’ve reviewed the previous year for valuable lessons, paid attention to signs of trouble, and studied your current business projects to assess their value. Now, it’s time to tackle your New Year planning.

This is an exciting phase, and you may be tempted to set the same goals again. You might tell yourself that this time you’ll really do it. Albert Einstein is loosely quoted as saying doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results is a sign of insanity. You need a new plan of attack or you’ll experience the same results you did last year.

It can be helpful to build a framework and use it to guide you this year based on what you’ve learned about yourself during your evaluations.

Do More of the Things that Worked

If you’ve been following along, then you already have a list of business projects that you enjoyed and that worked well for you last year. For this year, focus on what you enjoyed about these projects and try to re-create that feeling with new projects. For example, if you discovered that you loved making videos last year, then maybe you’ll incorporate more videos into your business. Perhaps you could add videos to an existing course and convert it into a video course.

Do Less of the Things You Hated

business The projects you work on should light you up. They should make you shine and give you a sense of pride. If you have projects from the last year that you hated, look at ways you can do less of them. Maybe you learned that you don’t enjoy offering group coaching because you prefer to offer one-on-one help. You should aim to move away from services and products that aren’t enjoyable for you.

Do More of What Made Profits

Look at the business projects that brought in the most profit for you last year. Usually, these are the ones you enjoyed the most and felt passionate about. You want to fill your New Year with more projects that made you money.

Do Less of Time Wasters and Money Pits

Sometimes, we work on projects because we think we have to. It might be that someone told you that the best way to make money online was to do ABC. It might be that you started offering a certain service because you needed the experience when you were first starting out. Whatever your reason, you have permission to let go of the business projects that suck up your time, your money, or your joy. If you offer a service you’re ready to retire or if you’re still offering a course that no longer fits with your business, set an end date. Then let your customers know about this end date. Explain that you won’t be offering this course/service/product after your chosen date.

You can give yourself and your business a great gift by hiring a coach for the New Year. Pick one that has achieved success in areas that you’d like to be successful in, too. For the best fit, look for a coach that shares your life values. You can talk with your coach about what you’ve learned in the last year and invite him or her to partner with you during this year’s journey.

Have a wonderful New Year’s Eve!

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