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How to Start Being Happy with What You Have

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Do you spend a lot of your time wishing you had more?

More time, more money, more days off?

It’s easy to get so caught up in the things we want that we forget to appreciate the things we already have.

By appreciating what you have right now, it’s going to make you much happier. The question is, how can you start appreciating your life and being happy with what you have?

In this post, you’ll discover some great tips to get you started.

Write a List of the Things You’re Grateful For

Practicing gratitude is one of the best ways you can start appreciating what you have. Experts suggest starting a gratitude journal, where you write a list of the things you’re grateful for each day.

The goal is to start focusing the mind on more positive things. Rather than obsessing over the things you don’t have, you actually identify and appreciat the things you do have in your life.

It takes just a couple of minutes each day and can have a huge impact on your happiness. 


Another thing which can help is to become a volunteer. This allows you to see that there are people in a much worse position than you are. This serves as a reminder and also can contribute to your happiness through the satisfaction you get from helping others.

You could volunteer at a homeless shelter for example. Giving your time to those who are less fortunate can help you to realize just how lucky you are to have the things that you do.

Live in the Moment

This is probably the most difficult tip to follow. However, learning to live in the moment can have a powerful impact on your happiness.

When you’re focused on the past, you’re basically stressing out or making yourself unhappy over something that can’t be changed. When you focus on the future, you’re worrying or looking at things which haven’t even happened yet and which may never happen.

By living in the moment, you start to appreciate what is currently happening a lot more. You aren’t weighed down by anxiety or regret. It’s a very freeing experience but it does take a lot of time and practice to develop.  

Downsize Your Life

This one is a little extreme, but it’s a great tip for those who have tried other strategies and failed. In this context, downsizing your life means taking something away that you’re used to. So, it could be your phone, luxury groceries, or that expensive holiday you take each year. This process is not the same as minimalism because you plan to get whatever you give up back one day.

The goal is to take something away that you’d miss, so when you get it back, you’ll appreciate it more.

It’s not always easy learning to be ahppy with what you have. However, the tips above can help you make a start in the right direction. As with everything, the more effort you put in, the more you’ll get back.

Happiness Truth: Spending Quality Time with Yourself is Crucial

How much time do you spend alone?

If you’re a parent, you may even have forgotten what alone time actually is! However, spending quality time with yourself is extremely important for your happiness. This is another tips to help you be happy with what you have now.

Life can be pretty hectic at times and while it’s good to surround yourself with friends and family, you also need to take time out just for you. Here, you’ll discover why spending quality time with yourself is crucial to happiness.

Energy Recharge

When you spend all of your time trying to keep other people happy, it can leave you feeling extremely drained. Everyone needs a little time alone to recharge.

If you purely focus on being there for others and leaving no time for yourself, you’re going to end up feeling run down, stressed, and totally drained. Most moms and other caregivers recognize this feeling! Even just 15 minutes of alone time a day can do you a world of good.

Reconnecting with Yourself

In today’s hectic pace, it’s so easy to lose sight of who you are. The trouble is, when you’re not in tune with who you are as a person, your happiness is going to suffer.

Spending quality time alone helps you to reconnect with yourself. You can do the things you enjoy, forget about the world, and just focus on yourself. Sometimes you have to remind yourself of what you enjoy — you may have forgotten what you like after thinking about others for so long. Get to know yourself again!

Confidence Boost

Did you know spending time alone can actually make you a more confident person? This is because, as it allows you to reconnect with yourself, you’ll become more confident in who you are. It’s good to be able to spend time with yourself and your thoughts without needing to have someone else around.

Once you’re happy spending time alone, you’ll never rely on anyone else for your happiness. It’s a great feeling and can really help you to feel comfortable with who you are.

Chance to Relax and Unwind

Of course, one of the main reasons that quality time with yourself is crucial is because it helps you to relax and unwind. It’s so important to have time to de-stress and spend time doing the things you enjoy.

Stress can affect every part of your life. So, if you feel stressed, tired, and generally fed up, quality time with yourself could be just what you need.

As you can see, quality time with yourself is so important to your happiness. It’s not selfish to put yourself first every now and again – it’s actually necessary. If you struggle to spend time alone, start by taking just 15 minutes per day just for you. The more you practice being alone, the easier and more natural it will become. This is one way to work towards being happy with what you have.

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